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Full syllabus NLP Practitioner course. One 3 day module plus three 4 day modules - throughout a 5 month period. This programme will equip you with the ability to apply your NLP skills within a broad spectrum of applications including - Business, Coaching, Teaching, Sports and Therapeutic contexts. Aimed at effective adoption of the NLP attitudes and methodologies, this course focuses on elegance and integration of your NLP skills offering targeted coaching, support and feedback.
Organisation: Catalyst NLP
Category: practitioner training
Presenter: Lizzi Larbalestier
Location: Cornwall, Perranporth
Telephone number: 07980 352510
By focusing at the level of beliefs and identity, this pioneering programme gives you the tools to make change possible at the most profound level. This 15-day NLP programme is divided into modules of three days each wrapped around a weekend. The ITS Master Practitioner programme is unique. It brings together a team of world-class trainers who you won’t find working together anywhere else in the world. Each has made original contributions to the field and is also an outstanding trainer.
Category: master practitioner
Presenter: Ian McDermott; Suzie Smith; Robert Dilts; Tim Hallbom
Location: Kensington, London, UK
Particularly suitable for those working within the health, education and social sectors. This course takes place on weekends (Sat/Sun) and may also be undertaken as a module of our Advanced Diploma in Contemporary Psychotherapy, for those working towards UKCP Registration as a Psychotherapist, directly through BeeLeaf.
Category: practitioner training
Presenter: Pamela Gawler-Wright
Location: London
Telephone number: 020 8983 9699
Are you looking for a thorough introduction to NLP? Perhaps you would like to enhance your communication skills as part of your own professional or personal development? Maybe you are curious about what NLP can offer you. On this training we will introduce you to some of the key concepts of NLP and how they can help you in your personal and professional life. To reserve a place or to find out more email us or telephone 0208 995.2864.
Organisation: Point Taken Ltd
Category: introduction to nlp
Presenter: Helen Drake
Location: London
Telephone number: 0208 995.2864
Learn All the Elements in One Day This is a comprehensive and intensive one day course that will furnish participants new to the Enneagram, with all the key elements necessary to understanding the dynamics of the Riso-Hudson Insight Approach to the Enneagram. This will be a very instructive day designed for the curious, the studious, coaches & work-environment related consultants. Full Price: £195 Early Bird: £150. before 1st March
Organisation: MetaMe
Category: workshop
Presenter: Grahame Morgan-Watson
Location: Chichester, West Sussex UK
Telephone number: +44 (0) 1243 512774
Take your Clean skills to the next level! After this Module, you'll be facilitating Clean change with elegance, precision and flexibility, confident in your ability to help clients to make significant changes in their lives. Whether you work with individuals or with groups, in personal development or in business, you can use this learning straight away, increasing your impact as a facilitator. This course runs over 8 weeks For more details see our website.
Category: workshop
Presenter: Wendy Sullivan
Location: Skype
Telephone number: +44 (0) 20 400 4832
Module 1 of 3 – Duration two days Subjects covered:- Origins of NLP The 6 Legs of NLP Presuppositions Defining Coaching Outcomes Communication model Values & Beliefs
Organisation: Saxton Partners Ltd
Category: diploma
Presenter: Sonia Saxton; Richard Cockell
Location: Harrogate - North Yorkshire
Telephone number: 0845 257 0036
NLP Training #1 reviewed NLP Trainer. + Master over 122 proven NLP strategies for communicating effectively, giving you the ultimate advantage in personal and professional interactions. + Gather an astonishing amount of information from people within seconds, the information you need to instantly get through to them. + Modify patterns of thinking, change beliefs and values, control states of mind, improve awareness and change minds. NLP Reviews
Category: practitioner training
Presenter: Steve Boyley
Location: Vernon, BC, Canada
Telephone number: 250-545-6448
Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge are facilitation processes that facilitate clients to do the work they need to do with the minimum of intervention from the facilitator. On this 2-day course you will learn the Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge processes, how to facilitate them, and how to adapt these processes to suit your client and their context. You will also get plenty of personal development on the topic(s) of your choice. No experience of Clean Language is necessary to attend. 1-2 May.
Organisation: Clean Learning
Category: practitioner training
Presenter: Marian Way
Location: Portchester, Hampshire
Telephone number: 023 9221 5355
This six week distance learning course comprises of four classes, recorded demo sessions and supervised practice. Classes on Thurs 1st, 15th, 29th May & Fri 13th June 2014, 7pm to 8.30pm UK time. Cost: £198.00. Completion of basic Clean Language training required to attend. This course covers advanced Clean Language skills with many aspects relating to NLP, including parts, systems thinking and modelling.
Organisation: Clean Coaching
Category: workshop
Presenter: Angela Dunbar
Location: Online - access by computer, tablet or telephone
Telephone number: +44 (0) 1189 968259
Learn how to help clients to overcoming phobias, fears and anxieties using a combination of therapeutic interventions including NLP, Hypnosis, Havening, EMDR. Both Tina and Steve have appeared on TV dealing with Phobias, and have worked on Paul McKenna’s Phobia workshops between them they have a wealth of experience you will learn techniques and skills that will take your ability to help clients to a new level. This is essential training even if you think you know the fastphobia cure.
Category: workshop
Presenter: Tina Taylor, Licensed Master Trainer of NLP; Steve Crabb, Licensed Master Trainer of NLP
Location: Croydon Park Hotel, Croydon
Telephone number: 01883 345683
An Enneagram Institute Authorised Workshop. Two Days Using the Enneagram to bring harmony, depth and understanding in intimate and personal relationships. Price £235 Early Bird before 1st Feb £195. BOOK NOW INCENTIVE £175 before 10th Jan
Organisation: MetaMe
Category: personal development
Presenter: Grahame Morgan-Watson
Location: London UK
Telephone number: +44 (0) 1243 512774
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