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Become an Accredited Psychotherapist with our Diploma. With our Advanced Diploma you are eligible for UKCP Registration DIRECTLY through BeeLeaf. This programme is made up of various modules of training. This is a rolling programme. See website for more details.
Category: diploma
Presenter: Pamela Gawler-Wright; Various
Location: London
Telephone number: 020 8983 9699
This course is aimed at people who want to learn and apply the NLP Practitioner skills in business and professional development. NLP began its life as the study of human excellence and is being effectively used today in many organisations worldwide. Improve your sales, negotiation, presentation and interview skills. Learn how to coach others to improve performance. Discover the importance on leadership in todays fast moving business environments. A 9 day programme run over 3 modules.
Organisation: Inspire 360
Category: practitioner training
Presenter: Ewan Mochrie - ABNLP Master Trainer
Location: London
Telephone number: 0808 12 30 360
First - a conversation about what people want/are expecting, then a brief introduction to 'What is NLP?' Problem Frame/Outcome Frame, and maybe The Five Senses. A ‘Perceptual Positions’ exercise that is useful in relationships. This involves some movement – called ‘somatic spatial sorting’. A 'State' exercise, which is good for preparing for a future event. A manual/folder for you to take away. I am expecting 3 or 4 people. 9am to 4.30pm. £97.
Category: introduction to nlp
Presenter: Elizabeth M Pritchard
Location: Bristol
Telephone number: 07796048755
Particularly suitable for those working within the health, education and social sectors. This 20-day course takes place on weekends (Sat/Sun) and may also be undertaken as a module of our Advanced Diploma in Contemporary Psychotherapy, for those working towards UKCP Registration as a Psychotherapist, directly through BeeLeaf.
Category: practitioner training
Presenter: Pamela Gawler-Wright
Location: London
Telephone number: 020 8983 9699
The prerequisites are to have attended our NLP Coaching Diploma Module 3 and be a NLP Practitioner (INLPTA, Professional Guild or equivalent). Whether you coach formally or as part of your communicating/influencing (e.g. in managing, consulting, leading, parenting, supervising, medical care, doing therapy, empowering, etc.), imagine how much you and the people you ‘coach’ could benefit from you taking your present coaching skills up a level. 3-day course. INLPTA accredited
Category: workshop
Presenter: Frank Daniels
Location: Crich, Derbyshire
Telephone number: 01773 857678
This special NLP Master Practitioner course taking place at Balneario de Archena Spa, Murcia has a particular focus on health, wellbeing and healing. Modern day NLP, particularly New Code NLP has developed models to fully engage conscious and unconscious processes to ensure there is balance and this wellness within an individual. In addition modern day NLP has tools for rapid healing to restore health, when the system is out of balance.
Organisation: NLP Academy LTD
Category: master practitioner
Presenter: Michael Carroll
Location: Balneario de Archena
Telephone number: 020 8686 9952
The NLP Logical Levels method is a powerful way to think about change by breaking it down into different categories of information. As you begin to think about some change you want to make, you can ask yourself some questions that relate to the different levels: Environment, Behaviour, Capabilities, Beliefs and Values, Identity and Purpose.
Category: practice group
Presenter: Elizabeth m Pritchard
Location: Truro, Cornwall
Telephone number: 07796048755
Become a certified trainer of Hypnosis in just 5 days.
Category: trainer training
Presenter: David Shephard
Location: London
Telephone number: 020 8992 9523
Latest neuroscience research shows you have 3 brains! Based on 3 years of NLP behavioral modeling research, this leading edge Coaching modality brings deep insights into how your multiple brains produce internal conflict and what you can do about it. Bringing together ancient wisdom and the very latest in neuroscience, behavioural psychology and medical imaging, mBraining shows how we communicate with and maximise the core competencies of the head, heart and gut.
Category: workshop
Presenter: Daksha Malik
Location: Solihull, West Midlands
Telephone number: 0121 711 7030
"Gaining Insight Through Movement" Dates: Fortnightly online classes from 16th April 2015. Class times: 11.00am to 12.30pm. Covering: David Grove's later work to facilitate change using space, movement and the power of iterative questions. Developed in conjunction with performance coach expert Carol Wilson. Includes course notes, audio recordings & structured, supervised practice sessions. Cost:£198 / £178.20 early bird rate. Counts towards ILM endorsed accreditation.
Organisation: Clean Coaching
Category: workshop
Presenter: Angela Dunbar
Location: Online and/or telephone
Telephone number: +44 (0) 1189 968259
Prevent problems and get your message heard and implemented. Tools for getting your message across for safety, managing people and preventing problems. Work with language for achieving your vision. An intro to NLP and the LAB profile. One day Master Class
Category: workshop
Presenter: Rosie O'Hara
Location: Aberdeen. Scotland
Telephone number: 01224900748
Live your Life-Calling with confidence, clarity and creativity. Live a life you love. Part of the ‘Life Talent Programme’, we focus on your strengths and talents; finding and deepening access to your resources and/or finding new ones; building resilience; and healing psychological wounds (the things which stop us) to create new paths to lead us where we want to go.
Category: workshop
Presenter: Julian Russell
Location: North London
Telephone number: 020 7873 2296
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