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A 3 Day course to learn and certify in Language And Behaviour (LAB) Profile. Twoe certified LAB Profile Consultants. Located in West Sussex. Include professional LAB Profile manual, and day 3 Practitioner certification. £350 early bird. before 1st April. Full price £450.
Organisation: MetaMe
Category: practitioner training
Presenter: Grahame Morgan-Watson; Rosemarie Morgan-Watson
Location: West Sussex
Telephone number: 01403 713108
About This Event: Here are the main components of our NLP Practitioner Training course: - An understanding of the Mind- Body connection - Understand and read body language - NLP Presuppositions which positively influence your world - Enter someone else’s world for greater understanding of others - Communicate effectively... Includes 55 hours home study 10 hour open book test 70 hours on course
Organisation: People Building
Category: practitioner training
Presenter: Gemma Bailey
Location: Holiday Inn Express Hemel Hempstead Stationers Place Apsley Hemel Hempstead England , HP3 9RH
Telephone number: 0203 667 7294
Do you ever ask yourself if there's more to life? How are your relationships with the people you care about? Are you facing a big decision, or putting it off? Do you worry about coping financially? Why do some people seem to thrive in life? Is it their personality, good luck, a mysterious gift or a simple way of looking at life that you can learn? Elizabeth will teach you how to make your personal and working life successful, on your own terms.
Category: workshop
Presenter: Elizabeth M Pritchard
Location: Bristol
Telephone number: 07796048755
In his book Outliers: The Story of Success, Mr Gladwell says that if you examine the greatest athletes, entrepreneurs, musicians and scientists you will notice they only emerged after spending at least three hours a day for ten years practising. So, at the NLP group we practise - open to all - no experience necessary. For more information - or to book - email
Category: practice group
Presenter: various
Location: Cornwall, (various)
Telephone number: 07796048755
This course builds from the 2 day-Foundation in TPM and 1-day Mental landscape, which you must have completed first. You'll learn to identify and take the sting out of ALL painful memories easily and quickly with the TPM comprehensive memory clear up process.
Organisation: TPM Europe
Category: practitioner training
Presenter: Fiona Sutherland; Rita Nelligan Medcalf
Location: Leeds
Telephone number: 01202 671954
NLP Practitioner with a ticket for UPW 2017 included in the price on any practitioner course booked this year. Payment must be made 14 days prior to start of course. Where you are now is not where you will be tomorrow; when you apply what you have learned on this course. -Dates for this one are: 4-5 June, AND 23-25 July, AND 20-22 August. Total 8 days.
Organisation: Tripod Training
Category: practitioner training
Presenter: Mubashar Latif
Location: Eadt London
Telephone number: 07825432391
Practical skills and advice to improve communication. Build on your customer facing employee’s current practical strengths and knowledge. Enhances the fundamental of customer service professionalism. Using the LAB Profile® as a foundation and becoming a certificated LAB Profile® Practitioner
Category: practitioner training
Presenter: Rosie O'Hara
Location: Forres, Moray, Scotland
Telephone number: 01309676004
SNLP Certified NLP Practitioner with Peter Freeth. Peter Freeth is an NLP Trainer and author of 10 books on NLP including 'Genius at Work'. This is a 8 day SNLP Practitioner training for just £795. See reviews at the NENLP youtube channel:
Organisation: Genius
Category: practitioner training
Presenter: Peter Freeth
Location: London
Telephone number: 07474556800
When you attend this group you will be able to practice: • Powerful tools you can use for your business & personal life • Solidifying your use of NLP fundamentals • Advanced & complex NLP techniques • Multi-layered communication • Hypnotic inductions & trance phenomena • Conversational NLP & hypnotic language As a regular group member you can contribute ideas so you can learn what will help you develop most quickly. Join the group to start practicing & gain more mastery of your mind.
Category: practice group
Presenter: Dan Woolloff
Location: London
This course is aimed at people who want to learn and apply the NLP Practitioner skills in business and professional development. NLP began its life as the study of human excellence and is being effectively used today in many organisations worldwide. Improve your sales, negotiation, presentation and interview skills. Learn how to coach others to improve performance. Discover the importance on leadership in todays fast moving business environments. A 9 day programme run over 3 modules.
Organisation: Inspire 360
Category: practitioner training
Presenter: Ewan Mochrie - ABNLP Master Trainer
Location: London
Telephone number: 0808 12 30 360
Dates: 7th & 21st June, 5th & 19th July 2016, 11am-12.30pm UK time + eve class option. Learn how to use Clean Language questions to enter a coachee's inner world through metaphors & help them explore issues & reach solutions from a deep source of knowledge. Includes: 4 tele/online classes & recordings, comprehensive course notes & visuals, plus supervised recorded practice with individual feedback. Cost £198 / £178.20 early bird rate. Counts towards ILM-endorsed Accreditation.
Organisation: Clean Coaching
Category: workshop
Presenter: Angela Dunbar
Location: Online - access by computer, tablet or telephone
Telephone number: +44 (0) 1189 968259
We all belong in a family. They can be our biggest source of joy and our biggest source of pain. Find out how to do your part in a high functioning family at our workshops. This workshop is not just for parents, we are all part of a family dynamic and can all do our bit to make families work better, in harmony and in a fulfilling way.
Category: workshop
Presenter: Karen Meager
Location: Bristol
Telephone number: 01749 349008
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