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Module 3 of 3 - Duration two days What are some of the key benefits of attending the Advanced Diploma Course? • Submodalities. Provides a fast mechanism for resolving negative mental processes into one that is positive. • Anchors. Enables you to identify what blocks performance and release it. • Timeline. Helps you structure Outcomes to get results long term with new behaviours. • Anchoring. How to create your own and others positive states of mind.
Organisation: Saxton Partners Ltd
Category: diploma
Presenter: Sonia Saxton; Richard Cockell
Location: Harrogate - North Yorkshire
Telephone number: 0845 257 0036
A powerful and extremely effective workshop to enable you to be clear on your business and personal goals and define the obtainable steps to achieving them. You will come away with a clear action plan and the inner resources to actually make it happen. No need to wait to make those plans – you can have all that you want, right now! These are really effective tools you can quickly and simply teach to others as well so you can help your friends, colleagues and family in the same way as well!
Organisation: Beyond NLP
Category: workshop
Presenter: Andy Coley; Jo Wilson
Location: Hampshire
Telephone number: 023 9244 9616
This Accelerated NLP Practitioner training will have you certified in just 7 days as a fully qualified NLP Practitioner under the approval of The American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming. You will also be certified as a Time Line Therapy Practitioner and Hypnotherapist - giving you 3 certifications in just 1 week! If you want to learn powerful and effective techniques to increase the excellence in your own life and the lives of those around you, then this course is for you now!
Category: practitioner training
Presenter: Colette White
Location: Notingham
Telephone number: 0800 0433 657 or from outside the UK call +44 (0)207 249 5051
NLP Practitioner Course Detail What does the NLP Practitioner Training consist of ? What specifically will you learn ? The definition of NLP History and background to NLP The NLP Communication Model. The Five Principles for success. Keys to an achievable outcome and effective goal setting. The Presuppositions or convenient assumptions of NLP
Category: practitioner training
Presenter: Pete Sutton & TBA
Location: Aubrey Park Hotel. Hemel Hempstead Road, Redbourn Hemel Hempstead, AL3 7AF
Telephone number: 020 3002 8898
For those who want to increase their influence with individuals and groups, gain new options in how to motivate people, avoid triggering resistance in their communication. Effective psychometric profiling with language to influence others. Many applications.
Category: practitioner training
Presenter: Rosie O'Hara
Location: Inverness, Scotland
Telephone number: 01309676004
School holiday time 9 day NLP Practitioner training in Newcastle. Hands on experiential learning. Excellent value £595 Run over three week Monday-Wednesday.
Category: practitioner training
Presenter: Nigel Hetherington
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne
Telephone number: 0770 481 8467
This training will enable Therapists with clinical experience to go deeper and work more effectively and creatively with their client’s natural healing resources. We will be attending to integration throughout, referring to the principles of pluralistic approaches to psychotherapy, so considering “what works for which clients?”. A respect for mind-body awareness will enable trainees to attend closely to a client’s physical, cognitive and emotional states, and their wider context.
Category: workshop
Presenter: Pamela Gawler-Wright; Julie Sale
Location: London
Telephone number: 0208 983 9699
Accredited program. A combination of 1:1 Skype sessions along with 2 - 3 weekend F2F sessions. 2 x 2 Hour Skype sessions per month for 6 months 2 face to face weekend workshops incl.: Personal Breakthrough Session, Board Break and more! 1 Additional weekend available Be an ANLP Master Practitioner before the end of 2014. Be a Time Line Therapy(TM) Master practitioner Be a confident Executive coach! Places limited
Category: master practitioner
Presenter: Rod Beaumont
Location: SKYPE
Telephone number: 0207 193 6222
When there’s only the coach and a single client, agreeing the coaching engagement contract is pretty straightforward. However, when working with multiple parties, designing and creating a solid coaching engagement agreement is significantly more complex. In this teleclass we will discuss the best practices to use when creating multiple player agreements and tell you about the pitfalls to avoid.
Category: conference
Presenter: Pamela Richarde
Location: Online
This Is 3 Day top up Training for existing NLP Practitioners who are keen to broaden the scope of their practice. Time Line Therapy ™ techniques are some of the most powerful tools on the planet for releasing negative emotions from the past and then creating the future as you would like it to happen. Overcomming life long problems becomes easier with Time Line Therapy™ Tehniques.
Category: workshop
Presenter: Who is Training me?; The Training is delivered by Victoria Whitney, who is inspiring and; enchanting as a trainer and motivational speaker and Coach and Therapist. Victoria has Trained and assisted on Trainings; Nationally and Internationally so her experience really does know no bounds; Victoria is a Certified Trainer on NLP, a Certified Instructor of Hypnosis and a Certified Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner Trainer and a Master Practitioner of; The Creating your Future™ Coaching Process; in addition to being a certified NLP Master; Coach, Reiki Master -Teacher, who has a keen interest and practice of Esoteric studies and Holding an LLB hons degree. Victoria; is passionate about unlocking; potential and aligning people with; their true authentic self so that; can be who they want to be, do what; they want to do and have what; they want to have
Location: Truro Cornwall
Telephone number: 07799334392
Regular monthly group All levels Saturday mornings
Category: practice group
Presenter: Elizabeth M Pritchard
Location: Cornwall - various
Telephone number: 07796 048755
Our knowledge of the brain is increasing exponentially each decade. However, it’s not always clear just how we might apply the latest findings. Over the past year Professor Patricia Riddell and Ian McDermott have been collaborating to make current state of the art neuroscience available in a practical format which offers tools and techniques based on the latest findings. This unique program is the result. It is the first of its kind anywhere.
Category: conference
Presenter: Ian McDermott; Professor Patricia Riddell
Location: Kensington, London, UK
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